This is a very quick post that teaches you how to use the basic features on your pan/tilt/zoom camera. Namely, panning, tilting, and zooming!

Make sure that you have clicked on the camera you intend to control before you start making adjustments - this is indicated by the red square around the image. You can see that the top-right square is currently selected. From the main page, the PTZ controls are on the bottom-left of the screen. Simply click the arrow(circled in red) to expand the controls.
This PTZ control layout is fine if you simply want to pan, or tilt your camera(we will expand the menu once more to reveal zoom controls in a moment). Simply click and hold any arrow on the grey "joystick" and you'll see the camera move. Adjust the fast/slow slider if you find it's moving too fast, or too slow when you use the controls. Click the up arrow once more if you would like to zoom.
Note that the top-left slot now has a thin red border around it, indicating that I have selected it. Click and hold the corresponding Zoom button to zoom in/out. Click the down arrow(top middle-left) to collapse the PTZ controls once you are finished.
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Eagle Eye DVR