Have you ever wondered what all of those buttons in IVMS-4500 are for?

There sure are alot of them; and many of them are super useful! In this post, I will be going over all of the most important ones. By the end of your time on this page, you will be an IVMS master!(Or at least have a better idea of what’s going on).  Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

Note: If you do not have this app and would like to see your system on your mobile devices, go through this article first.

Table Of Contents

Viewing the Cameras/Setting up a View

When you open the app, you will see this screen. Tap the icon circled in blue.
Tap Devices.

 Tap on your system. If you don’t have it set up yet, check out this post first.

Tap Start Live View.
Note: The four numbers near the bottom allow you to split the screen into different formations.
You may want to see less or more on one screen, depending on how many cameras you have, or how large you'd like to see the pictures.
One camera view offers the best view, but at the expense of not seeing other cameras.
That being said, you can swipe across the picture to scroll to the next one(You can also do this in all other formations)!
Here the screen is split into four. (If you have more cameras than are on the screen, the dot circled in blue will display how many more pages of cameras there are. You can then scroll through the pages.) IVMS-4500 allows you to see 32 cameras at once.
If you happen to have more than 32, however, you can swap in other cameras. First press and hold on the camera you would like to swap out.
Drag the picture upwards towards the green trash bin banner.
Once it turns red, let go and the camera will disappear.
Tap within the circled area.
Select your system...
..and then select the camera you would like to replace in the spot of the old camera. Here I chose to replace the Back Deck camera.
You can now see that Back Deck is in the first spot.
Say you want to trade places with another camera. First, press and hold the picture of the camera you would like to switch, just like we did before.
Next, drag the image directly on top of the camera you would like to switch it with.
Presto! The cameras have switched places. Next is playback functions. Tap the icon circled in blue in the top-left.

Playback of Clips/ Footage

Tap Remote Playback.
Tap within the red circled area.
Tap on the top timeslot. This is where the search will begin.
Here I have labelled Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute etc. to make this screen easier to read. IVMS-4500 allows for searching within a 24-hour timespan. The red arrow signifies that I have moved the time back an hour.
Here I have moved the time(circled) back an hour to 13:56, and you can see that the time below that has automatically adjusted to 13:55(a 24 hour period).
Again, drag the fields up or down to change the values.
When you're finished, press anywhere on the screen. Select your system, and then the camera you would like to search on.
You can see the camera in question show up on the screen. (I highly recommend to search only one camera at a time, as searching more than one becomes messy quickly, and slows down the app) Double-tap the circled area to make it easier to see.
That's better!
Circled is a pause button. Press it to pause playback.
You can see in the title bar(circled) that it says "Paused", letting you know that it is paused. Press it again to resume playback.
Drag left and right to search through footage. You may notice that it will automatically "snap" to the nearest blue line.
If you went beyond the search time, it will snap to the beginning/end of your search. If you'd like to change the search time, tap the icon circled in blue, top-right.
Make your changes. Refer to the instructions above on this process if you still have questions. Tap Start Playback to return to where we just were.
The above-circled button allows you to play through at different speeds.
Tap this button to speed up playback. Speed up to 2x speed on the first tap..
...And then 4x speed on the second tap.
Tap the above-circled arrows on this picture to reduce playback speed. If at 4x speed, it will first reduce to 2x, and then to normal speed.
Tap the above-circled 1X again to exit the playback speed function.

Exporting Clips/Footage

To save clips on your device, tap on the scissors icon to begin recording what you are viewing, as you are viewing it.
You can see a small R in the top left of the image(circled). This indicates that it is recording. Tap the scissors again to stop when you are done. Then, tap the blue circled icon in the top left of the screen.
Tap Picture & Video. This is where your recorded clips live.
Tap the clip to play it.
Nice. Click the circled X to exit.
To share it with others, or to email/dropbox/etc. to yourself, tap the pencil icon circled in blue, top-right.
Tap the Share icon, and then choose your platform of choice.

This message appears to let you know that not every video software will work when trying to play this file. You will need to download a specific program to play these files. Follow through this post to get the right software set up. You must also share the link/software with whoever you would like to send the file(s) to, as they will need it to view them.

You can also use the camera icon(circled) to take a screenshot, if a whole clip isn't necessary.
Again, these pictures live here.
There it is!
You can share the pictures in the exact same way as the video clips.


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