Surveillance systems are an extremely powerful tool to have in your security arsenal. Having the power to see what’s taking place without actually being there is great. But, what if you want to be directly notified about activity on certain cameras, as they happen, without being glued to your screen? What if you only want to receive these notifications at certain times of day(or night)?

This is where Email notifications come in.

Here you will learn how to send yourself an email, with attached pictures, when motion is detected.

You will learn how to tell your system what time to send Emails, what day to send them, and what camera to send them from. No more wondering about what you’re going to walk into the next morning!

NOTE: If your recorder is running a different version of software, please try this article instead. (If you have neither version, follow the article that has software that looks most like yours. (It’s the same process, it’s just that the buttons are in different places.)

Table of Contents

Initial Setup

Step 1: First, right click so that you see the menu. Then, click the gear(circled). Click on Network(also circled)
Step 2: Click Advanced.
Step 3: Fill out the information on the screen as written. I have included the text below so that it is easier to read.
  • Username: eagleeyenotify (Note the two e‘s between eagle and eye)
  • Password **(Do not type the spaces, I have included them here to make it easier to read) ** : muzr ydph cnxk zttr
  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • Enable SSL/TLS : Checked off
  • Sender: Camera Notification (Or something similar, this is what will appear in the subject line of the E-mails)
  • Sender’s Address: (Again, note the two e‘s between eagle and eye)
  • Select receivers: Leave this as Receiver 1 for now. If you would like to send these E-mails to more than one person, you can enter information for Receiver’s 2 as well.
  • Receiver: Enter the name of the receiver.
  • Receiver’s Address: Enter the E-mail address of the receiver.
  • Enable Attached Picture: Checked off
  • Interval: Leave at 2s
Step 4: Click Apply.
Step 5: Click Test.
Step 6: You should see this message. If any other message appears, check to make sure everything was filled in accurately. Check your E-mail once you see this message. You will see a test E-mail.

Camera Selection

Step 7: Click Live View.
Step 8: Click View.
Step 9: The circled area shows the layout of your cameras on the main screen. Take a picture of this screen.
Step 10: If you have more than 16 cameras, click the > arrow in the red circle. This will show you the second page of cameras. Take a photo of that page as well.

Step 11: Return to the main screen and use the photos you’ve taken in step 9 to determine which cameras you would like to select. Write down the letter/number combination. 

Step 12: Click the Gear icon(circled), and then click Event.(also circled)
Step 13: Click where it says Camera and pick a camera that you have selected from the dropdown menu. Next, click Linkage Action.
Step 14: Click Send Email. Then, click Apply.

Time/Date Selection

Step 16: Click Arming Schedule.
Step 17: By default, your system is set to send Emails all of the time. If you do not want this, click none.
Step 18: Next, click and drag over an area where you know you will not want to receive Emails. Here I've deselected between midnight and 4AM on Monday and Tuesday.
You can now see that block of time is gone. As another example, I've deselected between 6AM and noon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Notice that both blocks of time are gone. After you have deselected all blocks of time you would not like to receive Emails, click Apply to save your changes.
Step 19: If you deselected time you did not intend to, click on Continuous to draw it back in. This process is the exact same.
Pictured: dragging over a period of time to draw back in..
Again, click Apply to save your changes!!

If you have decided that you want to be notified by more than one camera, follow steps 12 to 17 for every camera. When you’re done, exit to the main screen, and then right-click to hide the menu.

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