Guarding Vision is an app that is used to view your Network Video Recorder that is connected to the internet.

Chances are, you've been directed to this post because you already have this all set up and ready to go. Check out the App Walkthrough sections.
If you do not have this app installed and set up and have been told that you can use this app, you can find those directions below the App Walkthrough section in the App Installation and Setup section.

App Walkthrough

Live Viewing Functions

Reviewing Playback Events

Sharing Access With Others

1) Get the person you are sharing your NVR with to follow the steps in App Download and Account Creation.

App Installation and Setup

Setup On NVR Side

***If your recorder is not connected to the internet, this will not work.***

**However, it may be possible to connect your recorder to your network yourself.**

****(Do not attempt if you are uncomfortable!)****


First, ensure that your recorder is connected to your network.

To do this, look at the back of your Network Video Recorder. If there is a ethernet cable plugged into the network port, follow it. It should go back to either your router or a switch.

If you are able, you may do this yourself by plugging one end of an ethernet cable into the network port on your recorder, and the other end into a router (or a switch that goes back to your router).

If you have a long distance between your recorder and the nearest switch/router, it may be worth it to call us in to complete this process for you. Find our contact info here.

App Download and Account Creation

Adding your Network Video Recorder to Guarding Vision

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