In this post you will learn how to review playback of events, and then you will learn how to export those events as clips, directly from your recorder(You will want to do this if you need to provide footage to police, or another third party.).

NOTE:  You will need a USB stick to perform this procedure.

Step 1: Right click anywhere on the screen.
Step 2: Click on the house icon, top-left.
Step 3: Click Playback, circled in red on the left.
Step 4: Select the camera you would like to search on.(Note: Select only one at a time. If you checked off more than one, simply uncheck any ones you don't want to search on at this moment. This ensures a more smooth experience.)
Step 5: Select the day you would like to search on by double-clicking on the day on the calendar on the left.
Step 6: By default, the timeline shows a 24 hour period. This is great to see how much activity has occurred over a whole day, but when you want to zoom in, you'll want to use utilize the zoom function(circled in red on the right-hand side). You can see that I have zoomed in the timeline to an 8 hour period.
The timeline can be zoomed in all the way to a 5 minute period. Here I have zoomed to a 20 minute period.

Note: You will notice that there are some broken sections along the red line(I’ll call it the timeline), where time is shown. Each block of red represents when motion was picked up by your camera. Each solid red line is a clip. The grey areas represent when the camera hasn’t picked anything up — therefore nothing was saved.

Step 7: Click on the scissors icon on the bottom-left(circled in red).
Step 8: Drag along the timeline to move footage back and forth. Drag in the direction of the red arrow to move time forward. Drag the opposite direction to move back. Use the zoom function with this to find the footage you're searching for.

Step 9: Still looking at the photo above(Make sure the scissors icon is still highlighted! Click it again if it is no longer red.), notice the two white brackets along the timeline(circled in blue on the picture). These brackets are clickable/draggable, and represent the beginning and end times of the footage that you will be saving.

To Review, these are the tools that will allow you to select what you would like to save:

1. Calendar from step 5
2. Zoom tool from step 6
3. Drag function from step 8
4. Bracket selection tool from step 8

Step 10: Once you have the brackets where you would like them, it's time to make sure that you have plugged in a USB stick into one of the USB ports on your recorder(There is at least one on the front, and one on the back of your recorder).
Step 11: Click on Export Clip, circled in blue, bottom-left.
Step 12: Make sure Video and Log is selected, and then click OK.
Step 12: Make sure Video and Log is selected, and then click OK.
Step 13: Click on New Folder.
Step 14: Name your folder something that you will recognize as being this footage. Click OK when you're done.
Step 15: If you can't immediately tell which folder is the one you've just created, click on the line, circled in red, and drag it to the right.
Step 16: Double-click on the folder you have just created.
Step 17: Click OK.
Step 18: Click on the icon circled in blue, top-right to view the progress of the file transfer.
Click on the icon again to exit.
Step 19: Click on Export Clip once more.
Step 20: This time, click on Player. You will be downloading the necessary video player onto the USB stick(The recipient must click on this file to download onto their computer in order to play the files. This is very important.)
Step 21: Click on the folder that you exported the clips into(Remember from step 15 that you can make the folder names more readable if needed!).
Step 22: Click OK.
Step 23: Click on the scissors icon again to deactivate the Export function.

You can now unplug your USB stick. The files, along with the player will be found in the folder you had made earlier on in this post. To download the video player software, simply click on the file labelled VS Player in the folder you made. If you need help with the installation, follow steps 3 to 7 in this post.


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