1)Insert a USB stick into a port on your NVR. Next, right click anywhere on the screen
2) Select Exit Full Screen
3) Click on the House Icon, top-left
4) Click Search
5) Set the time range for your search using the parameters in the circled area
5a) Click on the date field and select the date and time that you would like to start your search
5b) ...and the date/time that the search should stop
6) Select the cameras you would like to search on(If you're unsure which you need, go back to Live View and hover over the images to reveal their number. Copy them down if you need to)
7) Click on the square, circled middle-top-left to select all clips(This list is from one camera)
8) Click Export
9) Ensure Video and Log are selected, and click OK
10) Click Add Folder -- this will keep things organized
11) Call your folder something that you, and the person you are giving the USB drive to, willeasily recognize. Keep in mind that this folder contains the footage from only **one** camera
12) Click OK
13) After naming the folder, we have to double click on it to enter it, so that clips will save to it. Otherwise, your folders will all be empty, and your USB stick will be full of unorganized, unmanageable clips!)
14) Click OK to save all footage to this folder
15) Monitor the progress with the Download button, Top-right, second from the right. (This is crucial, because if you unplug your USB stick early, you won't have the footage you need!)
16) Circled in blue, middle-top left is the list of cameras that you had selected in step 6. Select the next one, D2. CAREFULLY repeat steps 7 through to 15 for each camera
17) To be sure that you completed the procedure correctly, Click on the Download button from step 15 and use the scrollbar(circled in blue) to look for the markers for each camera(D1, D2, etc.) that you had you selected(circled in red) to ensure that you completed the process successfully
18) Once **every single clip** is at 100%, you can simply remove the USB stick from the NVR

19) In order to view the video files in the most reliable way, download VLC Player here.

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