This post will help you decode which of your cameras corresponds with which letter-number combination on your recorder.(Pictured above) If you are setting up Email notifications to alert you of motion in real time or exporting clips to a USB stick, you will need to know how to do this.

Step 1: Right click. You should see this menu. (If you are prompted for a password and do not have this information, please contact us.) Click menu.
Step 2: Click Configuration.
Step 3: Click Live View.
Step 4: Click View.
The circled area mirrors the layout of the cameras on your system. This is where the letter-number combination comes from.
Step 5: The bottom-left circled area is where you will click if you have more than four cameras. These buttons split the grid into a maximum of 16 squares. The bottom-right circled arrow changes the page number. You may have cameras spill over into the next page(s), depending on your system. Take a picture of each page that has cameras on them(Squares with a letter-number combination). This is what you will reference later on.
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Eagle Eye DVR