About Our Company

In 1974, Eagle Eye’s founder — Lachlan Hargrove — decided to start a new venture.  He began a company known as Atlantic Data Supplies, and started selling point of sale systems to local businesses in the Maritime region. He also dealt in liquor control systems, helping other business owners in the area to minimize losses to their own businesses.

Helping other businesses control their operations has always been a central theme here at Eagle Eye DVR.

In the 90’s, point of sale systems changed significantly. They started to transfer data to corporate offices via the internet, and so naturally the way that these systems were bought and sold also changed. Head offices began to supply systems of all the same type to stores and franchises, meaning that we had to make a new plan.

Lachlan was not one to miss the opportunity to adapt, though. On returning from a trade show, he found what he thought to be the next big thing: CCTV security systems.

From this point, Atlantic Data Supplies was rebranded as Eagle Eye DVR, and an entirely new product offering was formulated and brought to market.

As an early adopter of surveillance technology, we have been in this business from day one.

Systems of the original generation required you to record onto a VCR, and were quite limited in what they could do compared to today’s tech. Now — more than 20 years later — HD cameras are the standard. Smartphones allow for real-time viewing and recording. Everything is more intuitive and compact.

As technology improves we will always continue to have our finger on the pulse of what is new and cutting-edge.

Here at Eagle Eye DVR, we are a small family business who are comprised of people bringing a human touch back into business.

That’s the Eagle Eye Difference

We have business all over the Maritimes.
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