This guide will show you how to navigate through the different functions on your Network Video Recorder. If your recorder doesn't look the same as these photos, you may be using an older firmware. Use these steps to help you:

Right click on the screen, enter your password if asked, click OK, and then compare what you see with the 3 below images. Click on the image that matches what you see, and you will be brought to the correct post.

If your screen looks like this, you're on the right page.

Live View Controls

This section is all about the controls on the Live Viewing screen of your recorder. These amount to zooming in, and changing the views on your screen. The recorder I use here is a 4 Channel recorder. You may have many more cameras, but the principles remain the same. 


This section details the process of viewing recorded events. It will also cover any functions or controls needed to easily find something.

Export Clips to USB Stick

Before you begin this walkthrough, plug a USB stick into a USB port on your recorder. There are two, one being on the back.

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